One-Dimensional Sex? Level It Up Into a Divine, Soul-Merging Experience

Drew Gerald, leading author and thought leader, reveals Holistic Sex:
A groundbreaking online course for the conscious lover who is ready to merge the dirty and the divine.

You weren’t born a great lover…

… nor did you just wake up one day and simply had a great sex life. No one did. While some wait for sex to get better with age, for you this part of your life feels frankly empty and uninspired now.

And you wonder if there isn’t anything you can do about.

Is it true that whenever you engage with your partner you feel somehow unfulfilled? Maybe you are even experiencing a sense of emptiness in life in general?

Perhaps you’re in that kind of relationship where the sex has fizzled out, or it never really reached that peak to begin with. So you might tell yourself: “Oh dear, it’s just not meant to be”, “In another lifetime”, “The next lover might be the one”…

Or you may only scratch the surface with Tinder dates and superficial one-night-stands, although you are yearning for a much deeper intimacy.

Perhaps you already have great physical sex and you want to take it to a much deeper, more conscious, level. Because somehow you are still holding back. There are still be shame, guilt and fear that prevents you from connecting deeper.

And this is not just influencing your bedroom, you are also feeling flat in life in general.

The good news are: There is nothing wrong with you.

For most of us, great sex doesn’t just happen.

We simply weren’t taught how to express our desires and fantasies, how to keep the attraction fresh and excited.

How to open up fully, let go, make love passionately, give and receive mind-blowing orgasms.Or how to tackle emotional blocks that prevent you from achieving sexual happiness and fulfillment.

Fufilling sex is possible!

What if there was a way for you to become that remarkable lover?

This doesn’t require magic pills, advanced bondage tricks, the one and only fingering technique, Tantric initiations or some crazy energy Taoist visualizations (although they do have their place, of course).

Those hundreds of sex tips and self-help books that you’ve read are great but they haven’t helped you take many steps forward, have they?

It’s because you weren’t taught the foundation, the inner mindset and right approach to support all those techniques.

Almost everything that makes you successful in the bedroom, has nothing to do with what you do in bed.

You can do every advanced thrusting method, squirt-inducing G-Spot orgasmic massage, Tantric energetic position, or cunnilingus/fellatio technique right and STILL feel empty inside… if you don’t have the right foundation and approach to sex and your sexuality.”
~ Drew Gerald

Odds are, you’ve been on the path of self-improvement and have studied various philosophies. Maybe you’ve already played around with BDSM, Tantra, Kink, Swinging and Polyamory. These can all be very powerful concepts… but have you ever found an approach that went past dogma?

Meaning instead of telling you WHAT to think, one that empowers you to know HOW to think and act for yourself. Where the physical can merge with the spiritual – the dirty and the divine.

The solution is called “Holistic Sex” by Drew Gerald and we are honored to present it to you.

Holistic Sex is a ground shifting online course packed with 11.5 hours of transformational “ah-ha!” moments. Drew put this together as the result of 9 years of study, trial and error, exploration, transformation, and healing. It’s a fusion of his distilled essential concepts and approaches to sex and spirituality.

Your Instructor

Drew Gerald

Hi, my name is Drew Gerald.

I am an entrepreneur, coach and author. I’ve had the honor of being published alongside Eckhart Tolle, David Deida, Abraham-Hicks, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Ken Wilber. I host the #1 iTunes featured sex advice podcast – “Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald”. My blog “The Polyman” inspires tens of thousands of men per month to get more confidence, love, abundance and sex.

In the past I used into ran a high-end software company for over 7 years, creating technology for the big players.

That’s not really who I am as a person though… just some facts anyone can find. I’d rather get intimate and share with you something you can’t look up: how I got to this point, going from writing code to talking to you about sex and spirituality. Is that cool with you?

Great! Let’s go back to the beginning…

When I was six, I started school in upstate NY with a brand new group of kids. I was different though. Not only was I from another state altogether, I had warts on my fingers. We’re talking just a few little bumps. But I was quickly ostracized, made fun of, and seen as “untouchable”.

I was bullied and I went from being an innocent child to a crushed, and lonely rejected boy. Which made me turn to computers, as they were the only thing that I could interact with that couldn’t reject me.

Needless to say, I had no luck with girls. I hated them for it, and I hated myself. I was miserable and bitter, often crying myself to sleep alone on a Friday night.

Eventually, on the verge of depression and suicide, I decided to do whatever it took to figure this whole thing out.

And I did.

Every bit of this has changed, I took charge of my situation.  Through my own transformation, I’m now able to help others gain clarity, hope, happiness, and incredible pleasure in their love lives – all without having to sacrifice the body or spirit.

On my journey, I realized that one of the biggest conflicts in the world is between our sexuality and our spirituality. This is closely followed by the conflict between men and women – the battle between masculine and feminine.

I decided to take the best ideas and perspectives I learned from all schools of thought, and compile them into a core philosophy which I call “Holistic Sex”.

Why is merging the dirty & the divine crucial for your sex life?

There are ancient conflicts between sexuality and spirituality. Closely followed by the battle between men and women or the masculine and feminine.

Those conflicts happen outside as well as inside of your own “feminine and masculine” psyche. It’s not by learning a certain technique that you will become a remarkable lover, but by healing this conflict within.

Holistic sex is based upon the belief that resolving these conflicts in ourself opens us to a world in which love and sex become peaceful.

On this journey you will learn to arouse, stimulate and satisfy yourself and your lover on the following 4 levels:

Physical Sexual Mastery

You will become more creative in ways how to satisfy your (and your lover’s) physical needs through secret sexual wisdom and the most advanced and holistic sexual theories.

Mental Sexual Mastery

You will be able to sort out your confusion, deal with mental blockages and tell each other erotic stories for mental foreplay.

Emotional Sexual Mastery

You will be able to connect and open your heart, be courageous to connect, and express your deep affection. And share your deep feelings to your lover.

Spiritual Sexual Mastery

You will learn to unite your souls during sex, inhale and exhale each other, move energy together and expand each other’s energy into greatness.

The big leaps when integrating Holistic Sex are:

  • Satisfy your (and your lover’s) desires and feel more fulfilled
  • Experience higher levels of pleasure, feel confident, unleash higher arousal and evolve your orgasms
  • Manifest deeper connection and form stronger bonds (or purposely know how not to!)
  • Open yourself to the remarkable lover within and attract higher quality lovers
  • Break free of destructive beliefs and dogmas and set yourself free to express your inner kinks & conscious dirty talk
  • Learn non-confusing secret sexual knowledge for full mastery of your sex life.
  • Manifest spiritual fulfillment along with animalistic satisfaction

Course Curriculum

Part 1

  • What is Holistic Sex?
  • How you will you benefit from these principles?
  • The four aspects of your being that need to be included for sexual satisfaction
  • Five core tenets of Holistic Sex
  • Seven filters of sexuality and how these drive you, and filter you and your lover’s views on sexuality.

Part 2

  • Conditioning and how to overcome the lies we’ve been told
  • Understanding negative emotions, limiting beliefs, dogmas, stigmatic terms, and our expectations
  • Commonly held beliefs and premises to relationships and sex that are flawed at their core, and what’s true instead

Part 3

  • Dance between the masculine and the feminine
  • Polarity
  • Breaking stereotypes in favor of archetypes
  • Finding peace in duality and oneness
  • Mastering practical applications of polarization
  • Giving advice for both the masculine and the feminine

Part 4

  • Shaking up the foundation of how you see relationships
  • Understanding what we all really need when it comes to intimacy
  • How we can provide that for ourselves and our lovers
  • Merging The Dirty & The Divine

Part 5

  • Individual mindsets and behaviors that you can immediately apply in order to get instant results in bed
  • Featuring secrets and mastery principles that have taken me (and will take you) from good to remarkable.
  • Mergence of dirty and loving talk into Divine Dirty Talk
  • The world of fantasies, taboos, and role-play (not just for the kinky)
  • Sexual shadow
  • Healing your vulnerable aspects and become truly integrated and holistic


  • You’ll get access to extra Interviews with Experts that will challenge your point of view on your sex life.

Conditioning Clearer

  • Two powerful methods to help you clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs. This is a proven technique that creates permanent change (no cheesy affirmations).

You might ask: Do I really need to take this course to have fulfilling sex, shouldn’t it come “natural”?

Well, you wouldn’t want to cross the ocean with a sailing boat without going to a sailing class first, would you?!

Everybody has to learn and start somewhere. So here’s the thing.

You can follow your voice and let it be captain of your sailing boat without knowing how to read the compass. Meaning you go through life while making mistakes, experiencing frustration and feeling stuck in the process.

Or you can tell your voice that you are grateful for protecting you, but you are the captain. And you would like to decide what’s important for you to have a successful journey. And then decide to actively learn and seek useful information from the people who have done it already.

Start your holistic sexual empowerment journey right now and create the sex life and relationship you actually desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Course Questions

This seems intense… what if I’m really busy?

While there is a lot to go through, it’s a home study course so you can go at your own pace. This is a mastery course, make no doubt about it. You will have to put the time in.

The content is spread over small, easily digestible chunks, allowing you to go as fast or as slowly as you need to.

Everything is mobile-ready, and you can stream the files from anywhere.

What if I know all of this already?

That’s incredible you’ve put in years of work and learning to get where you are. You’re going to love this course that much more because you already GET THIS STUFF! It’s going to be easier for you, just as long as you keep a beginner’s mind.

While many of these ideas go way back, there’s also quite a bit that comes from Drew’s own innovation. The only place to learn that is in this course.

Lastly, knowing is just part of it. The awareness and and healing available with the Conditioning Clearer Module is what will create the biggest shift.

What if I’m (secretly) afraid?

That’s a good thing. It means that you’re growing. If you want different results in your life you need to do different things. Try it out – you have 30 days to decide if it’s right for you.

What if I’m a sexless single?

Even if you’re not currently intimate with anyone, the things you’ll be learning and the shifts you’ll be making will actually HELP YOU FIND SOMEONE!

The same things that work for having incredible sex are the same things that create attraction and make you a desirable, conscious mate. The calibre of partners you date will go up, your confidence will increase, and you’ll have a greater understanding of what’s going on when you’re out meeting new partners.

What if I’m in a relationship? …or multiple relationships?

Going through this course with your partner will take your relationship to a whole new level. In fact, I highly suggest doing so… it’s a great way to calibrate what page you and your lover are on. The growth will be incredible.

Even if you’re polyamorous, “Holistic Sex” is 100% applicable. There’s no right or wrong way to love.

I really want to buy this now… but my partner is saying ‘no’.

You may have to see what that’s about. Is it money? Is it disinterest? Is it just a lack of details and facts? Is it arrogance?

There’re some serious conversations that need to be had if your partner isn’t supportive of you becoming a better lover and learning how to satisfy them in bed.

What if I’m twice Drew’s age?

Drew had a woman in her 70’s buy the course and write in telling me how much she learned from it. That’s incredible.

Yes he is young, and that’s actually an advantage because he doesn’t have decades of jadedness and dogma. He has a fresh perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of the happiness you truly deserve.

 Omooni Platform Questions

What if I join and then decide it’s not for me?

Some decisions in life are irreversible. This is not one of them. If you are super excited and join the course now, but realize in a few days that you don’t like what you bought… no problem. Just shoot us an email within 15 days, and we’ll refund you 100%. No hard feelings!!

If you are unsure, we encourage you to simply give it a try. If you don’t like it, the money will be back on your Credit Card before you even notice.

Will this work on my computer/tablet/phone?

Yes, this course works on any device that has a web browser. All you need is internet access that is capable of streaming videos. That means it works great on smartphones (iPhone, Android and more), tablets, laptops, etc.

What shows up on my credit card statement?
Of course we want your purchase to be discreet. The credit card (or PayPal) statement simply says “Omooni Courses – Teachable”.



“Just been listening to the flawed premises in the car. So many things I knew were issues bust wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with them or their causes. Freaking awesome. Thanks dude.”


“Drew has a very grounded and holistical view of sex and pleasure. Anyone, no matter how experienced, can find something very valuable in this course. Totally worth it.”


“Recently I found and took the course “Holistic Sex” and must say that I completely loved it. I think you have an amazing gift and that all the information reflected there it made me discover how really in touch I am with my body, my emotions and my spirit.”

Author of The Kangaroo Method

“It is my opinion I’m watching a future best-selling author and spiritual teacher. My generation follows people like Chopra, Dyer, Ruiz, and Tolle. Yours may very well follow people like Gerald. He appears not just motivated or inspired, but driven to define himself fully on Earth.”


Holistic Sex is the most extensive guide I’ve seen to improving your sex life. This program reminds me of one of Tony Robbin’s extensive programs …but with a way more fun subject ;). If you want to explore your own sexuality in a healthy and deep way (without shame or dogma), I highly recommend getting this course.”

Deal with your Sex Life today – it is the foundation of your happiness!

Join the Holistic Sex course today and have life-long access to a precious knowledge base for becoming a remarkable lover and being.

Omooni Fulfillment Guarantee: If you’re not fully satisfied for whatever reason, you can get a full refund within 15 days from the day of purchase. No hard feelings!

✔ Life-long access to the program 

✔ More than 11 hours of inspiring audio

✔ Conditioning Clearer video

✔ Learn at your own pace

✔ 15 day money back guarantee

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“Drew has a very grounded and holistical view of sex and pleasure. Anyone, no matter how experienced, can find something very valuable in this course. Totally worth it.”

– Iulian Novac