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What is Tantra Really? By Sofia Sundari

Written by Omooni

Tantra is at the moment quite hyped. In case you visited Burning Man, enjoy to scroll down lifestyle yoga health blogs, or are somehow connected to spiritual meetups, you will sooner or later stumble over the word Tantra. Even if you’re not really into spirituality, Tantra is being featured more and more in the mainstream media too. So it’s hard to miss.

Nevertheless, Tantra suffers from a negative reputation (especially the sexual part of Tantra).

So what is Tantra really? Most people have strong prejudice regarding the answer. And there are various reasons for that.

Our Omooni Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari talks in the video below that Tantra goes beyond a Tantra Massage. She reveals what is Tantra, what we can learn from it and how powerful this system is for lovers all around the world.

Sex needs healing. Since centuries sex has chronically been treated as something bad, dirty, shameful up to the point that it’s being ignored and tucked under a mental carpet.

This suppression has lead to a global fear of sex. Deep insecurities, frustration and performance fear, are plaguing millions of lovers around the world.

There are only a handful of coaches, teachers, and experts of the self-development world who dare to talk about sex more openly. If you read the daily routine of a famous coach to optimize your life, very seldom you find sex on the list.

We believe sex could become one of the most impactful bullet points on that very list.

Of course, sex is out there; it’s available. But it’s also still hidden.

The Tantrics in contrast realized from the beginning that sex has a powerful potential to reveal deep intimacy between lovers. Tantric sex has the potential to heal your physical and emotional body and give you an ecstatic fun time in the bedroom, but it has especially the potential to reveal expanded states of consciousness.

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